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Travel insurance policy to fulfill COVID-19 treatment and its related adversities.

*COVID-19 covered for International Travelers coming to Fiji only.

*Tax benefits is subject to changes in tax laws.

*Standard T&C Apply.

What is covered?

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FijiCare Visitors Insurance Plan!

Isolation Expenses

Medical expenses incurred during the isolation period

COVID-19 Tests

Coverage for necessary COVID-19 tests up to $500

Hospitalization Costs

Coverage for hospitalization expenses during COVID-19 treatment

Trip Curtailment

Coverage for changing tickets due to emergency occurrence

Insure your trip!

We are here to protect your stay in Fiji against COVID-19.

FijiCare is introducing FijiCare Visitors Insurance to help you against unexpected events during your travel. With the coverage for medical and non-medical treatment expenses, we will help you enjoy your stay and journey in Fiji.

While a COVID-19 Negative report is mandatory to enter Fiji, there are chances for a visitor to get contracted with the virus during their stay. The medical and non-medical providers will be paid directly by FijiCare under FijiCare Visitors Insurance. A visitor will have very few expenses (if any), subject to policy terms and conditions. The FijiCare Visitors Insurance covers all eligible foreign nationals from pre-approved regions or countries.


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